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Moving Forward

I got into the Army Ten Miler!! I really wanted this to be my big race for 2010, after Shamrock, and I’m so glad I was able to get in. I had my eye on it last year, and was astonished at how fast it sold out. I decided early on that I would be hunched over my computer the minute registration was available this year so that I could guarantee myself an entry. Registration was scheduled to open yesterday, April 1st. Last week I emailed the race directors to find out what time on April 1st – they said midnight eastern time – so I would know when to stalk their site, and it’s a good thing I did!  I was able to register early – I think they were testing the site and forgot to disable registration before midnight – but the race was sold out by 10:00am April 2nd! Less than 36 hours and all 30,000 spots were gone! Amazing.

Posted by: sdudek | March 25, 2010

Next Race

Well I have my next race in my sights: the Dreaded Druid Hills 10k. Some of the hills have 20% grades, and the race is “a torturous race by runners for runners through Baltimore’s famed Druid Hill Park, beginning and ending at the Moorish Tower and traversing the most wicked hills to be found in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area.” (not so sure about that… the hills out this way are pretty killer) Looks like tons of fun, and I have plenty of hills and flat surface to train on out here. I think I’ll work on the flat trail for the first two to three weeks, and then start running on the roads to get in the hills after that. Super excited!

And in other news… I got into business school!!! I was accepted at Loyola and Johns Hopkins, and I have an interview coming up at Maryland! Woo hoo!

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I Came, I saw, I Conquered! (well, sorta…)

The Shamrock Half Marathon was yesterday. The boy and I headed down to VA Beach on Saturday morning, got our packets, checked in, and wandered around a bit. I must say, the city of VA Beach is not one worth stopping for. Even by “beach town” standards it was a little uninteresting and uninspiring. I did like all of the homes in the northern part of the city (unlike OC, MD which is a wall of large hotels/condos), but not much else. Our hotel wasn’t so hot, either. We got lunch at Pi-zzeria, a pizzeria (obviously) in town, which was really good. Not sure if it was proper pre-race grub, but it was pretty good – I would definitely go there again. We wandered around a bit, then went back to the hotel, watched movies all night, and went to bed at 9:30pm. We both woke up at 11:34pm (why? why not…) and didn’t really sleep much after that.

A 4:00am wake up call got us out of bed ungodly early, and down to the hotel’s shuttle to the start line by 5:30am. We’re used to having to deal with driving and parking at all of our races, so we ended up getting there a bit too early (even some of the volunteers were looking at us like “why are you here?”), but a hotel near the start line had comfy sofas, free coffee and fruit, and real bathrooms (with no line!), so we hung out there until 6:30. at 6:30, we wandered over to bag check and lined up in our corral. Race time was 7:00am, so there wasn’t too much of a wait. Although we were in the 4th corral, we only started about 4 minutes after the start of the race, which is much nicer than the 20 minutes after at Baltimore. The course was flat as a pancake, except for “heartbreak hill” near mile 5, which went up maybe 10 feet. It was a little warm and the pollen was horrific. I had an awesome first mile (avg. pace of 11:15, probably a little too fast), and okay second, third (both averaged 11:35), and fourth (11:40) miles, but then around mile 5, I busted up my hip and everything went downhill very fast. I had a 5 mile split of 1:11, which is way slow, even for me, and ended up walking almost all of the last 8 miles, to finish in 3:21:55

Although I was disappointed in how I did, the race was a great race, I would definitely consider doing it again. It was wonderfully organized, the expo/packet pickup was actually enjoyable, the shirt was great, the on-course entertainment and support was top-notch, the medal is unique, the finishers garb is pretty cool (medal, t-shirt, hat), the chute was amazingly well planned and orchestrated, the volunteers were beyond helpful, and the after party on the beach was awesome. Sham Rock On! Good luck


I think that says it all…

The view from our hotel room


The Cavalier Hotel, the oldest in the region, and the location of the HM Start line


Statue of Poseidon along the boardwalk/near the finish line


Finish line and the crowds cheering everyone on

DSCF1592 DSCF1593

After Party on the beach (there were actually a lot more people than it looks like)


Me and the boy

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Long time, no see!

Let’s see, what have you missed since I last posted…

It snowed. A lot.



And then it snowed some more.

DSC_1400 without plate


I ran a lot of miles on the treadmill.

Yeah, that’s about it.

18 days ‘til Shamrock!! Good luck

Posted by: sdudek | January 24, 2010

Well last night’s long run didn’t quite go according to plan… I’m not sure what’s up, but my left leg kept giving out on me so I cut it short at 5.25 miles. I’m not too happy with that, seeing as I was supposed to be at 9 miles last night, but I’m not going to get too worked up over it, either. Sometimes the body just needs to say enough’s enough. I remember with skating sometimes a long weekend away from the rink would lead to much improved skating when I returned, so I’m hoping it’s one of those scenarios here.

Chinese 102 starts tomorrow, and (surprise, surprise!) it’s supposed to rain most of this week, so it looks like I’ll be back indoors… not so happy about that. Running outdoors is just far more enjoyable and seems to take less time than running on the treadmill (even though it doesn’t, really). How many days til spring? Oh yeah, 54! Woo hoo!

Posted by: sdudek | January 22, 2010

I see the light!

I just got my first outdoor run in in a looong time… it’s been pretty warm here this past week (40s and low 50s), but there was still snow/ice on the trail! And the parts that weren’t covered in snow/ice were super muddy. I got in 3 miles – they weren’t bad, but they weren’t as good as I had hoped for. Having to chase off two dogs no doubt slowed me down.

Tonight I’m enjoying a nice chill evening in with the boyfriend – pizza and wine! Best kind of night. Tomorrow is a SRD, and I have a 9 mile run planned for Saturday. The forecast is a bit up in the air (we’re supposed to get some mixed mess tonight) for the next 48 hours, so I don’t know if my LSD will be indoors or outdoors yet.

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I’m really tired and don’t have too much to say that’s interesting, but… 4 miles (3 easy, 1 fartlek @ 7 mph/3 mph), 121 crunches, and some strength training. I also got in 3 miles yesterday. I was supposed to do them Monday, but wasn’t feeling too well Monday – I think I OD’ed on popcorn… so I moved them to yesterday. I have 3 more miles on the plate for tomorrow, and 9 for Saturday (And then I crash Sunday).  明天見。

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Crazy, beautiful world

Okay so last week was a bit crazy for me, but this week looks like it’ll be a bit more mellow. I did get in some good miles last week, though, including a long run of 8 miles! I beat my 5 mile best by 2 minutes and my 7 mile best by 3!! Super excited about that. The 8th mile took about 2 min more than the previous 7’s average, but I’m okay with that for now. I’ve been working on speed on the TM, alternating 1/4 miles at 6.2mph and 3 mph – I’m hoping to increase either speed or distance at 6.2 this week, but we’ll see how that plays out as I go. The plan for tonight is to hop in the hot tub for a bit to loosen up my back muscles and then do 3 easy miles a bit later. Oh yeah, and some crunches and strength training. I’ve been having trouble with my right hip again, so I want to see if i can strengthen it a bit before Shamrock (60 days!!). Good luck

This week the plan is 3, 4, 3, and 9. It doesn’t look like the trail will be dry enough to run outdoors yet, so I think I’ll be indoors a bit longer…

Today was absolutely gorgeous! 52 and sunny!! woo hoo!! I was starting to forget what sunshine looked like… I managed to head out for a bit with my camera and got a few okay shots. As soon as I process them I’ll post one. Ciao!

Matthews Road 01-18-2010

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Things are lookin’ up

Good evening! I got in a 3 mile run tonight, and did it in 30 minutes! That’s the fastest I’ve ever run 3 consecutive miles Unfortunately, doing so made me get sick afterwards… I’ve been coming down with a cold over the last 24 hours, and I have an important interview coming up (I’d rather not say where or what for… don’t want to jinx it) this week, so it might have been a combination of nerves and illness, or just plain weakness  Tomorrow’s a scheduled rest day, so hopefully things will clear up before my 4 mile run on Wednesday.

Speaking of things clearing up, it looks like the weather is clearing up a bit! We’re supposed to be in the 40s all week!! Yippee!!! When I went out today, it was 33F – the first time practically since Christmas that it’s been that warm! We usually get a cold snap here for a few days to a week, but this just seems like it’s been far worse and far more brutal than anything I remember. Plus I’m sure having been Down Under last year for the worst of the winter has skewed my cold-weather memory a bit… It was warm enough (i.e. 28) at the end of last week of my boyfriend and I to take his two labs out and play with them for a bit. Unfortunately I didn’t have my new camera with me, but I still got a few decent shots on my old camera!

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Is it spring yet?

3 miles, 65 consecutive crunches (end of week 2 test)

I don’t think I have ever woken up to snow so many mornings in one winter as I have thus far this winter – and it’s only the beginning of January! We got another 2-3 inches last night… enough to delay schools and cover up any part of the trail that had melted. It never got above 26 here, so the new snow didn’t really melt at all today. I was hoping to be able to get outside for a bit sometime soon, but it doesn’t look too likely right now.

Tonight’s workout was good. I did 2 easy miles at first, and then my 3rd mile was at slightly-above-race-page (6.2mph on my TM). It was definitely a bit of a challenge, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting. I definitely need to do some work if I want to be able to maintain this pace, but it doesn’t seem hopeless at this point! The legs seemed to handle it pretty well, it’s just the lungs that have a bit of catching up to do. That should be fairly easy to fix. After my run, I stretched a bit and then did my end of week 2 test for the 200 sit ups program. The idea is to do as many consecutive “good form” crunches as you can in a row without stopping – this determines which “column” you’ll be in for week 3. I was able to do 65 in a row, which puts me firmly in column 3 (the kick-ass column!). The cut-offs were less than 30, 31-40, and 41+. I’ve put the 200 squats program on hold a bit because it’s tiring my legs out too much when I need to be saving them for the weekly runs. I’m still doing some squats on my own here and there, but I think I’ll really focus on that one in between Shamrock and whatever my next race may be (MD Half, maybe?)

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